Moving on...

It's been a while, 5 months since last update here. Anyhow just writing to say thanks for the memories. To the great people that I've met and talked to, you won't be forgotten.

Reason for moving on is more that I now manage like 4/5 installs of Wordpress, and well I'd like to keep everything in one place. If ever you want to keep up:

I'll look into syndicating back to here just the FFXI posts and so on, but I can't promise much since I would have to write that module and my time is limited.

Oh if you've got a Twitter account: @kysol

Farewell until we meet again.

Gjallarhorn: Progress

So I don't think I've posted here about this, but yeah, I'm doing the BRD4LIFE thing, and getting a G.Horn. Current progress is as follows:

Stage 2 - 300/300 T.Whiteshells
Stage 3 - 1400/1400 1 Byne Bills
Stage 4 - 129/6000 O.Bronzepieces
Stage 5 - 0/7000 T.Whiteshells

I'm not even going to start collecting for Stage 5 at the moment, more because I don't see Stage 4 being finished for a while, although things might change soon. Something will be happening soon, and if I'm part of it, should mean some fairly cheap currency. Won't give much away (no it's nothing illegal, I just don't want to say something and for it to not happen).

I just can't bring myself to buy M.Silver's for 1.7Mil ;;

Leviathan Prime, not so "Prime"


We had a little issue recently. Tiamat had popped and we had 0 tanks online, like totally none (well I was online, but I'm usually Bard, and since we had no Bards, I wasn't changing any time soon). Well after three hours of "pretending" it wasn't up a long lost Japanese linkshell that has started to do things again found out about it and went charging in. Long story short, they took a while to kill it, nothing like the epic 13 hour kills that we have seen (Note to other shells: please kill it in under an hour, it's painful to sit there and watch), so I decided that I would go out of my way and make a fire resist build then park a mule out at the teleport with my tanking gear.

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Aion Progress: Lv25


So 25 levels in and what am I thinking ? It's ok, going to take a bit to get used to when it comes to PVP. To quote a friend, I'm a "keyboard turner", I can't help it, it's an FFXI thing. The wireless mouse is going to be an issue, and I lose track of all my keybinds... erg. Lets just hope that I don't get ganked too much on the way to 50... who am I kidding, the ganking is only going to get worse, and I can't bring myself to go back and gank others to take out my frustration.

So I now have access to Abyss, which is meant to be the PVP content of the game. It's interesting enough, just I haven't taken part in these epic battles that are meant to happen, so I can't really say too much about it so I'll leave it there, hopefully something exciting will happen soon.

What do we have here?

Thats riiiiiiiiiiiight... Aion :D

Incase anyone has been wondering, I've been busy with a lot of things. One thing that I've been planning/coding was a plugin that will syndicate my personal blog entries here. Still working out the bugs, but all Aion/FFXI posts will be syndicated here from - See you guys around soon hopefully.

Not quite dead...

...yet. Here's some random pictures since the last update to tide you over until the next proper update.

New PC and I was testing out how far I could take FFXI. I swear with some registry tweaking this game is amazing, and even with EVERYTHING on I get next to no lag. I forget what I'm running 1600x768 with 2048x2048 background res.

It's not every day you see Fafnir tanked down near the spiders. HNA went on to kill all the flies without losing claim.

Vicious is known for it's AFK claiming, and this was a classic shot. We claimed and the next thing we knew breath had taken down most of their members. When will they learn...

I was trying to capture the full moon, but was lucky enough to get this shot. I had it full res as my desktop background for a while.

Random augment from the other day. I thought it was generally trash until I did a bit of searching to find that RDM can't equip any Ranged/Ammo items with +MND on it. Phantom Tathlum for MND basically :D

Hopefully this chest infection will allow me to play a bit more once it goes away.

Crazy weekend.

I decided it was time to have some fun. I had told my manager to not expect me to come in without a hang over Friday morning. I started drinking rum and coke's at I think 7PM while questing my BRD AF (yeah I was lazy and didn't get them earlier). Feet and Legs down I headed to Dynamis - Windurst. First time doing Dynamis as BRD, and oh boy, I tip my hat to all those BRD's that have been doing this for years before me, BRD's never stop moving in Dynamis.

We finished up around 2AM, and the rum was still flowing. I don't think I was that drunk, but enough to think that going out and getting BRD AF Hat from the Crawlers' Nest coffer before bet was a good idea. I rocked up there and to my joy the coffer (like the Pants coffer, which I scored 5 minutes before Dynamis was due to start) was just sitting there begging to be opened.

That morning I woke up at 9:30AM with an SMS sent to my manager saying "Duuuuude, I swears it was just 7am like 10 minutes ago". Later that night I started up again, drinking and doing BRD stuff. This time it was Castle Z coffer and on to Dark Spark for BRD hands. Apoc got online and I went off to help him do Miser Murphy and Guardian Statue to finish off his RDM AF. Lets just say that it was the funnest thing I have done in this game for a while. Running around with no MP and MM after me while he rests up MP to throw another avatar at it... too much fun.

I didn't get to sleep til 7:30AM or something like that Saturday morning. Saturday was a complete write off. I remember waking up at Noon, 6PM, Midnight where I looked at the PC screen said "MEEEEEH" and went back to bed. It wasn't until 6AM Sunday morning that I actually go up to do something. Bacon and Eggs in the morning at a nearby cafe and I went back to recover.

Later that afternoon we got Tiamat, where to my enjoyment I was able to go as BRD (by this stage you all are probably wondering why I'm so happy to be doing stuff as BRD, well I'm a glutton for punishment ok!!!, I like the job). Full drops :D

A few hours after that was Limbus where we got 2 legs to drop. I had talked to Jerome earlier where he basically said that Feet were probably the rarest drop in our group with only a handful having ever dropped. Booo.... that's the next piece I really want. The only think that will stop me from getting them is if 2 pair of Nashira legs drop next Ultima, I'm second in line for those, and I'm unsure if I would be able to live with myself if I passed up on them.

After Limbus I went out to watch HNA get Behemoth and Adamantoise. While out at Valley of Sorrows I decided to get some Tabs from FoV to pop the NM in Behemoth's Dominion. Trading a Phalanx Ring I got the Augmentation (STR-1, DEX+1, AGI-1, INT+2, Water+8)... Meeeeeeeh!

Crazy crazy weekend.

Bard 75 & 1000 levels

I don't know if you read this any more Mark, but I have completed your stage of my jobs to 75. For everyone else, your probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well a long time ago a good friend left the game. I told myself that I would level the jobs he had levelled as a tribute to the fun times we had playing together. Samurai, Paladin and now Bard are done, completing my tribute. Emptyshadow you will never be forgotten as not only a good player, but friend.

Next tribute leveling stint goes to Kairo. Ninja, Red Mage, Black Mage down, Ranger, Thief, Warrior, Dark Knight to go.

1000 levels. 9th level 75 job and 66% done on all jobs to 75.

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